Crowdfunding (Dec ’15): Sarah’s Mitzvah Project 2016, Prometheus, The Game Of Dares And More!

Websites like Kickstarter, Gofundme, and Indiegogo make it easy for people to support one another by bringing a variety of causes all in one place. Users can donate any amount to as many different causes as they choose, and the best part – typically there are some really good contribution incentives, too. After surfing the web I didn’t see any resource that shows Long Island based projects, so I decided to make one. I’m thinking about doing this once a month, what do you think? (answer in the comments below)

Alexa Studying In Greece (Roslyn Heights)
This one stood out to me, because Alexa (known as Lexi to her friends) is a student preparing to study abroad in Greece. I remember wanting to study abroad and I didn’t have the money to do so. Sadly, the finances stopped me, but it’s not stopping her. I guess you can accuse me of living vicariously through her. This trip means more to Lexi than just a cool thing to do and brag about to her friends. She has put out the fact that there is a financial struggle for her to accomplish her dream of travelling, but it isn’t stopping her; and she isn’t going to sacrifice her studies to do so either. She is scheduled to leave mid-January and needs our help to offset the expenses like tuition, flights, housing, books, meals, transportation, and anything else associated with making her dream come true. Donate now.

You can submit your crowdfunding campaign by emailing me directly at


The_Brown_Family_180The Brown Family (Westbury)
On October 23, 2015, 7 year old James Brown unexpectedly had a seizure while at school. Two hospitals later, doctors diagnosed him with Aplastic Anemia, which requires a bone marrow transplant (8 year old sister is a match) and chemo-therapy. Having unpaid family medical leave, this family has an on-going need to support James’ treatment. Donate now.

Tommy_Fagan_180Tommy Fagan of Buon Appetito Deli (Elmont)
Tommy Fagan, recent owner of Buon Appetito Deli, suffered a tragic accident while on a hunting trip resulting in an acute spinal injury. He is currently in critical condition, can’t return home, and needs help offsetting medical expenses. Donate now.


Sarahs_Mitzvah_Project_180Sarah’s Mitzvah Project 2016 (Great Neck)
This incredible young girl is having her Bat Mitzvah next year and is doing something simply amazing as she turns into a woman. She is trying to raise $10,000 to build a children’s library at the Dana-Dwek children’s hospital (Tel Aviv). Because the hospital sees 30-40 patients weekly, the library would provide children and teens a way to educate and pass the time while they are in the waiting room. Sarah is already doing more going into adulthood than most people 3 or 4 times her age! Donate now.


Witness_Protection_Program_180Road To Recovery (Mineola)
An atypical fund is on the radar for a single father who is a witness in a federal case, and has opted not to go into the Witness Protection program. Because of this, his lawyer is making an attempt to help offset expenses that will now be incurred to the witness personally. Funds collected will be applied towards relocating the father  (30 years old) and his two children (10 year old boy and 8 year old girl) to a new home and support them until the father is gainfully employed. Every donor will receive an email from the family once they are safe, thanking them for their support. Donate now.


Prometheus_180Prometheus: Circuit Boards in Minutes (Saint James)
Speechless, as the circuit board you design on their original app is carved in minutes right before your eyes. Take your technological dreams to a new level with one of these babies, but first, let’s make sure they reach their full goal of $95,000 by December 16th, otherwise they won’t be funded! Donate now.


The_Museum_Of_Lost_Things_180Screenplay: The Museum of Lost Things (Nassau)
This short story turned to film is about a man who walks into a museum and realizes the items on display are mementos of things he’s lost in his life. Director Gregory Cioffi does his best to remain as faithful to the short story as possible and appreciates all the member of his cast which is why he needs our help bringing this film to life. Donate now.

The_Game_Of_Dares_180Board Game: The Game of Dares
An exciting twist on the classic game of truth or dare, this version has a board with pieces and an end game! The only way to win is by taking dares, which makes sense. This game is appealing, because it will encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone (there are comfort zone cards) and who knows maybe even change some lives IRL. Donate now.


West_East_Bistro_180West East Bistro (Oakdale)
With its first Hicksville location seeing success in its first three years, farm-to-table restaurant has its sights set on opening a second location in Oakdale. Advertising 90% gluten-free and 100% non-gmo, it is without a doubt that West East Bistro will see success no matter where they go. Their commitment to the community make an experience there more than just about food. Donate now.

Top_Dog_Dinners_180Top Dog Dinners (Patchogue)
Healthy meals and treats for your pup. After the owner lost his pup in a tragic accident (dog ate recalled food), Peter sought out on a mission to spread awareness of the poisons found in mass produced dog foods, its legality, and the benefits Top Dog Dinners has to offer. Be part of the healthy eating revolution by spreading it to the canine world. Donate now.


Fruit_Of_Life_180Aquaponic Hydroponic Aquaculture (Manorville)
Patrick Durkin has created a start-up aquaponic farm of both fish and plants. Preparing for future sustainability, his mission is to provide NY with foods utilizing the space of 1/10th of a traditional field farm, and fits within the urban model on account of its ability to be used in close proximity to city centers. In the future, he plans to be the premier aquaponic grower in the north east region. Donate now.


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